Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Biking Brooklyn, a trip aborted

It was in the 40's today in New York, a veritable heat wave compared to the weather we've been having lately. I know the Cleveland folks who read this got it worse, a whole lot worse. As folks without a car, we're outside in it a whole lot more, so I feel justified in my complaining. Anyways, to celebrate the warm weather, I decided to make a bike trip out to Coney Island. This would mark my second trip out there and, this time, I decided to take an alternative route, one that follows the coast of the island. Unfortunately, my trip was not meant to be. A little more than halfway to Coney Island, the path became covered in snow. I hadn't thought about the fact that, though the weather was warm, it hadn't had time to melt all of the snow, especially for a trail that receives very little traffic and a steady breeze off of the water. I tried to trudge through it, but after walking my bike for about 20 minutes straight, with no end in sight, I decided to give it up. Though the trip was shortened, I did have the chance to snap some more Brooklyn pictures for you folks. I hope you enjoy!

Okay, this picture was actually taken towards the end of my trip, but I thought it would make a good introduction.

This is actually the first picture I took. It's the entrance to Greenwood Cemetary, an impossibly huge cemetary close to our apartment.

After a pretty much unnamed deadland (though some call it "South Slope") that extends the length of the cemetary, I entered into Sunset Park. If it weren't for its distance to my work, this would be an excellent area for us to move to. The residential streets are quiet and full of nice houses and the neighborhood is family oriented and safe. Plus, at least in this section, it's largely hispanic, so there would always be a good taqueria within walking distance.

Next up is Bay Ridge, a nice neighborhood, if not more than a little akin to suburbia in feel. Some streets, including the one pictured here, reminded me of an even more crowded Lakewood. Suprisingly quiet for Brooklyn.

Before I could get on the actual path, I had to take the pedestrian bridge across the highway. I got some vertigo crossing this, especially when I got towards the end and there was nothing but a waist-high railing keeping me from falling into the water.

No trip of mine would be complete without a picture of a bridge and here it is! In this case, it's the Verrazano Bridge, a spectacular structure which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. Fortunately or not, it's completely inaccessible by bike (cyclists have to take a Ferry from Lower Manhattan).

Finally, here's the reason I had to turn around. What's worst is that I could see the rides at Coney Island from here. It was just too far away to keep trudging on. Ah well, maybe next time!