Tuesday, March 13, 2007

With a day off from work and temperatures in the 60's, I decided to continue the trip I logged previously. I had plans for later in the day, so I didn't take as long of a trip as I'd like, but it was definitely a good day out.

This is where I had to turn around on my last trip. As you can see, the conditions have improved greatly.

Though bike paths in New York seem to often have to involve a little street riding, this one was irritating on another level: the bikepath was broken for a parking lot.

There were spots like this in Manhattan, but I still couldn't help but appreciate the irony of the above photograph. If you look, above the broken sign, you'll see the Greenway sign.

Coney Island at last!

Though most of the boardwalk was closed for the winter season, I still got a shot of the classic Nathan's Hot Dogs.

After about an hour of biking, a window full of candy apples was too much to resist! I also ended up getting one of the little sticks you see in the front, which were candy covered marshmallows. How were they? Honestly, not that good, certainly not as good as the snack mix I brought for myself. It was still a neat place to stop in.

The Cyclone at Coney Island.

The Coney Island boardwalk. This was perhaps the best part of the trip. It was quiet, with just the creaking of the boards, the whirr of my tires and occasional bits of conversation from construction workers to dot the soundscape.

This picture was taken in the neighborhood of Homecrest. I'd not heard of it before and for good reason, it's completely boring. Two blocks of it were a little unsettling though. You see this house here? The whole block, both sides of it, were lined with houses that looked identical to this one. The next block was lined with houses that also looked exactly the same, except with a different design.

The Sears & Roebuck building. From the look of it, I kept expecting Cary Grant to come walking out of it.

I hope this picture and the one after it truly convey the creepiness of this Midwood home. The single upstairs window was covered in the faux-stained glasswork you see here and it just looked like something out of a horror movie. This picture was actually taken on a side street, a glimpse out of the corner of my eye brought me to it.

This place is in our neighborhoood. I'd never visited it before, but in need of a little sugar fix, I stopped by on my way back. Inside, it looks exactly as you'd imagine: like it hasn't changed in over 50 years. Pretty amazing.

That's it! I got through a whole set of pictures with not one of a bridge! Next up, Northern Brooklyn and Queens.